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Product Integrity

"As industry and regulations evolve, companies must collaborate on a common goal; product integrity. O&N is committed to working with reliable science and ensuring testing is performed with a clear purpose, and I’m committed to O&N’s efforts to be successful in that work."

Sandra Lee CEO NJ Labs

Transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain play an increasingly
important role in meeting the expectations of ever more discerning consumers. Both are
vital to ensuring the safety and integrity of the foods and dietary supplements. O&N Health members are committed to transparent documentation of the supply chain, including monitoring and testing of raw ingredients, conducting the appropriate testing for
adulteration, contamination, and pesticide residues, and complying with GMPs and all
applicable laws.

Quality testing is the cornerstone of ensuring a quality supply chain, and an essential aspect of our research agenda. Organic & Natural Health conducts targeted product
integrity testing projects with our partner HRI Labs on raw ingredients and finished
products, as well as utilizing their expertise for pesticide residue testing.

O&N Health’s industry-leading, proactive role in demonstrating maximum ingredient and
product integrity began in 2014 when we partnered with HRI Labs to conduct a
preliminary analysis of glyphosate residue in certain foods. Since then, we’ve expanded
testing to cover potential contaminants in the supply chain that haven’t been previously
tested for, as well as identifying ingredients derived using synthetic biology which is
reliant on GMO crops.

Health Research Institute Laboratories (HRI Labs), was founded by John Fagan, Ph.D.
Known for his work to standardize GMO testing, Dr. Fagan created the nonprofit lab to support the peoples’ interests, including testing for pesticide residue. Organic & Natural Health is a proud sponsor of Fagan’s effort to test food and product for a broad
spectrum of quality issues that will support our members’ quality and research
initiatives. Through our partnership with HRI Labs, O&N Health members receive a discount on the nonprofit’s services.