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Member Pledge

Organic & Natural Health Association members pledge to adhere to a compendium of quality standards requiring integrity throughout the entire supply chain and commit to continuing to advance these standards.


The principles of transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain will continue to play a critical role in meeting the expectations of increasingly discerning consumers and ensuring the safety and integrity of the foods and dietary supplements consumers purchase.


Transparent documentation of the supply chain, including the monitoring and testing of raw ingredients, conducting appropriate testing for adulteration, contamination, pesticide residues, as well as compliance documentation of GMPs and compliance with all applicable laws are critical components. The use of recognized, proven and effective third-party certifications, qualified self-assessments, seals and programs that work to ensure the integrity and quality of food and dietary supplements can also serve consumer interests.


As such, O&N members commit to annual quality and identity testing starting with testing for pesticide residues, provide documentation for any third-party certifications they hold, and maintain or progress toward achieving organic and non-GMO status throughout the supply chain. Members also pledge to incorporate regenerative agriculture and other regenerative systems and practices wherever possible.