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Get On My Level Campaign:
Empowering Health Status and Equity

Organic & Natural Health’s “Get On My Level” Campaign, born out of a dedication to advance nutrient research and empower individuals to take control of their health, has achieved remarkable success. With a staggering 90% of Americans deficient in vitamin D, this grassroots education initiative emerged at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to illuminate the proven health advantages of vitamin D. The campaign’s pivotal objective was to prompt those in vulnerable communities to understand their vitamin D levels by seeking tests from their physicians or by utilizing at-home test kits and the vitamin D calculator provided by Organic & Natural Health’s research partner, GrassrootsHealth.

Collaborating closely with our scientific advisor, Dr. Ken Redcross, through a publicity effort, we advocated for vitamin D supplementation as a straightforward, cost-effective, and equitable means to raise everyone’s vitamin D levels. The “Get On My Level” Campaign conveyed a direct and clear message, inspired by the phrase’s connotation of reaching a higher level of excellence. We encouraged at-risk communities to treasure their health as much as they value other markers of success. Out of all the factors influencing COVID-19 deaths in minority communities, controlling one’s vitamin D level through a simple at-home or doctor-administered blood test was the most accessible. Dr. Redcross rallied communities to “Get On My Level” and reverse the statistics, while urging medical colleagues not to withhold or distort this vital information to transform health outcomes, especially in Black and Latino communities where the need was most urgent.

The www.PowerofD.org website served as a hub for the campaign, offering validated health information on vitamin D, statistics linking vitamin D levels to COVID-19 outcomes, an easy-to-use vitamin D calculator, and shareable educational materials designed for social media with the hashtag #40GetOnMyLevel60. The site also featured links to at-home vitamin D test kits and guidance on requesting vitamin D level testing from healthcare providers. After garnering more than 60 million media impressions, in 2021, Dr. Redcross received the prestigious 2020 Education Award from Nutrition Business Journal for his unwavering advocacy with Organic & Natural Health’s grassroots education and publicity campaign that disseminated the benefits of vitamin D and the importance of knowing one’s vitamin D level, particularly in Black and Hispanic communities.

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