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All 4 Vitamin D Campaign:
Paving the Path to Nutrition Equity

In 2023, Organic & Natural Health took a transformative step to bolster nutritional support for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) beneficiaries through the farm bill, launching the “All 4 Vitamin D: Building Stronger Families in a SNAP” Campaign. This public awareness initiative rallied concerned voters to engage with their Congressional representatives, particularly those serving on the influential House Committee on Agriculture, with a pivotal goal in mind: to advocate for a crucial amendment—incorporating vitamin D3 dietary supplements into SNAP benefits. Committed to empowerment and profound change, this campaign seeks to redefine the lives of SNAP recipients, championing their well-being and a future of vibrant health.

Sufficient vitamin D levels are of paramount importance, as we have witnessed during the pandemic….Relying on outdated notions of obtaining vitamin D solely through diet or sun exposure is not only impractical, but also perilous, advice. It is imperative that we embrace the power of dietary supplementation to provide effective and practical solutions for achieving optimal vitamin D levels."

Alan Lewis, vice president of advocacy and governmental affairs
at Natural Grocers and board member of O&N Health

While SNAP plays a pivotal role in ensuring food security and reducing hunger for millions of low-income Americans, Organic & Natural Health has identified critical nutrition gaps that demand attention. By partnering with SENPA, Natural Grocers, INFRA, and the Council of Holistic Health Educators, we aim to address these concerns and appeal to health-conscious citizens through a targeted publicity campaign led by registered dietician Carolina Schneider. Our call to action urges Congressional representatives to amend the farm bill, allowing disadvantaged American families to access vitamin D3 supplements through SNAP benefits, and promotes independent grocers and natural product stores as valuable resources for SNAP users. With children and families dependent on SNAP, nutritional options are paramount. The farm bill wields profound influence over food and agricultural policies in the United States, impacting agricultural production, food access, nutrition programs, and public health. As Congress has extended the deadline for farm bill revisions, the ongoing Organic & Natural #All4VitaminD campaign continues to make waves, having already garnered an impressive 13 million media impressions in just three short months since its launch.