Organic & Natural

Bringing businesses and consumer groups together, the
Organic & Natural Health Association is dedicated to:

· Safeguarding access to organic and natural products
· Ensuring consumers have truthful information about
  the products they buy every day
· Supporting health outcomes research
· Fostering a robust organic and natural marketplace

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Organic & Natural

Uniquely joining the forces of millions of health-
conscious consumers and quality organic and natural
products companies, the Organic & Natural Health
Association and its members will make a dramatic
impact on human health and the future of our planet.

If your organization is committed to sustainability,
transparency and traceability, and broad access to
natural and consumer goods and services, join
O&N today.

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Organic & Natural
Partners with

Organic & Natural is sponsoring the development of
nutrient-based research conducted by GrassrootsHealth
and its scientific community for the purposes guiding
public health policy.

Some of the key nutrients to be researched include
vitamin D, vitamin K2, calcium and magnesium.

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Consumer Research

Our survey results found that 1 in 3 consumers do not
make a quality distinction between the terms “natural”
and “organic” and/or government regulation for
products with such labels.

Power Of D

Order your vitamin D test today and become a part of the
Vitamin D*action Project. Get your vitamin D level and
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Our commitment to practices and processes that are restorative to nature and socially responsible.


Our commitment to creating honest and unambiguous relationships between consumers and corporations.


Our commitment to health and wellness through broad consumer access to organic and natural products and services.


Our commitment to integrity, holding suppliers, manufacturers and distributors accountable to quality supply chain standards.

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Supply Chain Integrity – No Longer an Option

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