With the Power of Population-Based Nutrient Research January 23, 2014 at 2pm Eastern

Randomized clinical trials do not accomplish what’s needed for companies when it comes to the legal definition of ‘competent and reliable scientific evidence’ and the emphasis regulators place on statistical and randomized clinical trails jeopardizes the importance and relevance of measurable evidence-based clinical outcomes.
Organic & Natural, in partnership with GrassrootsHealth and its scientific community, is committed to sponsorship of nutrient research with protocols and analysis that are conducted independent of any external influence for publication in peer-reviewed literature.
Join us in learning how GrassrootsHealth continues to demonstrate the health impact of Vitamin D using population-based research, how this pathway can be used to support related nutrient research and the implications of this research for companies and the health concerns of the consumers they serve.


  • Todd Harrison, president of Organic & Natural, partner at Venable, LLP
  • Dr. Robert P. Heaney, professor of medicine at Creighton University and research director at GrassrootsHealth
  • Carole Baggerly, director of GrassrootsHealth

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The nonprofit GrassrootsHealth is a consortium of scientists, institutions and professionals committed to worldwide nutrient sufficiency and has pioneered nutrient research by using sophisticated field trials based on its successful international D*action project that has enrolled 8,000 participants for the past five years providing testing of vitamin D levels and educational information for participants.