It’s a fact that you can’t get all the nutrients you need to achieve optimal health  from food. Even if you eat a healthy diet, with lots of variety and fruits and vegetables, researchers have documented significant decline in the nutritional value of produce and other foods and ingredients over the past 50 years. Therefore, dietary supplements play an essential role in health and wellness.

O&N’s Nutrient PowerTM campaign, our flagship education initiative, helps consumers learn about the role of nutrients in health and how to identify and address common nutrient deficiencies so they can take charge of their health. The Nutrient Power website – – is a powerful new consumer resource that houses all our consumer education initiatives.

  • The Power of D campaign, which took place in 2016 and generated 35 million media impressions, promoted the necessity of knowing one’s vitamin D levels in tandem with O&N’s support of ongoing vitamin D research being conducted by our research partner, GrassrootsHealth (GRH). Through the Power of D, consumers were encouraged to enroll in GRH’s multi-year D*action study, for which consumers use an at-home test to measure vitamin D levels twice a year, accompanied by a comprehensive health survey that serves as a foundation for a five-year study.
  • The Vitamin D & Omega-3 Index campaign, launched in spring 2017, is educating consumers on the significance of Omega-3 DHA and EPA levels, as well as vitamin D, in tandem with a new Vitamin D plus Omega-3 nutrient field study. The study is being conducted by GrassrootsHealth and was developed in partnership with O&N members Aker BioMarine and Natural Partners. In this study, consumers test their Omega-3 DHA and EPA levels and their vitamin D levels using an at-home self-test.
  • Future Nutrient Power campaigns will focus on magnesium, K2, iodine, calcium, and other vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals that are essential to optimal health and wellness.