Consumers are driving the marketplace by seeking high quality products and demanding information on how the foods, dietary supplements and personal care products they consume and use are sourced and produced. O&N is committed to providing quality education to inform and empower conscious consumer choices.

  • O&N’s research efforts are directed at discovering the importance of nutrition supplementation in a consumer’s effort to achieve optimal health status.
  • Our Nutrient Power™ consumer education campaign at gives consumers the information and resources they need to become wise consumers and effective advocates for their own health and the health and vitality of their family, community and the planet.
  • More than a media campaign, our online Nutrient Power resources link consumers with O&N partnered and other recognized research demonstrating the health benefits of supplements and foods – including opportunities to participate in that research directly and know their nutrient levels – so individuals can take charge of their health and wellness.
  • Our Nutrient Power retail events provide face-to-face interactions with our Scientific Advisors who engage with audiences across the U.S. in support of everyone’s chosen path to health.

O&N’s Scientific Advisory Council includes health and wellness practitioners and experts who understand how food, dietary supplementation, and agricultural practices can impact health status. They are the bridge that connects research results with consumer understanding of the relationship between food and supplementation and the criteria consumers can use when making purchasing decisions.

Every O&N member plays a role in our consumer engagement efforts. For example:

  • Our raw ingredient supplier members are leading research efforts to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.
  • Our retail members utilize this information at our jointly sponsored consumer events by engaging our Scientific Advisory Council to share research results and implications with consumers at our retail member events so consumers can identify and purchase finished products they can trust to support their health needs.
  • Our nonprofit member organizations help broadcast our online consumer education initiatives, including the Nutrient Power campaign, as well as the fruits of O&N’s research and advocacy work.

Learn more about O&N’s Nutrient Power™ campaign and consumer events.