Defining Natural (Part 2) Supply Side West 2014

The newly formed trade organization, Organic & Natural Health Association (Organic & Natural) hosted a panel discussion to advance an urgent conversation around defining “natural” at Supply Side West in Las Vegas on Tues., Oct. 7. Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of Organic & Natural, moderated the panel discussion comprised of Organic & Natural board members and industry experts:
Todd Harrison, partner at Venable, LLP, and president organic and Organic & Natural

Joe Sandler, member of the Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock, P.C., law firm, representing Organic Consumers Association, among others, and treasurer of Organic & Natural

Alan Lewis, director of special projects for Natural Grocers

Ed Wyszumiala, CEO of GMP Auditing Partners

Michael Lelah, chief research scientist at Mercola