O&N engages in partnerships to advance our mission and our members’ success. Our current partners are:


O&N’s partnership with GrassrootsHealth began in 2014 with an overarching goal to educate industry and consumers on the vital role nutrient field trial research has in supplementation and the ability to affect change in the health care system by moving research into practice – quickly and with high levels of confidence – through these large-scale studies. This joint effort is closely linked with GrassrootsHealth’s groundbreaking vitamin D research.

In 2016, O&N launched its Nutrient Power™ consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of vitamin D and encouraging consumers to get their levels tested as part of GrassrootsHealth’s international, population-based D*action nutrient field study. In its first year, the Nutrient Power™ campaign garnered a remarkable 35 million media impressions. In spring 2017, GrassrootsHealth launched a combined vitamin D and omega-3 index field study developed in partnership with O&N and member organizations Aker BioMarine and Natural Partners.

O&N’s partnership with GrassrootsHealth is crucial to our commitment to research in the dietary supplement and organic and natural health products industries and our commitment to spearhead the development of rational standards for claims substantiation and truthful and transparent information that does not mislead the consumer.

About GrassrootsHealth
The nonprofit GrassrootsHealth is a consortium of scientists, institutions and professionals committed to worldwide nutrient sufficiency. GrassrootsHealth’s protocols and analyses are conducted independent of any external influence and are submitted for publication in peer-reviewed literature for the purpose of guiding public health policy. GrassrootsHealth is pioneering nutrient research through sophisticated field trials based on its successful international D*action project aimed at solving the vitamin D deficiency epidemic worldwide.   

HRI Labs

O&N’s partnership with HRI Labs, announced in January 2016, supports our proactive approach to testing ingredients and products as part of eliminating pesticides from organization and natural source materials and as part of O&N’s membership requirement to be in pursuit of non-GMO status.

Our partnership with the nonprofit lab gives members access to custom research and accredited, high quality and rigorous testing using the most advanced technologies at affordable prices. (Through our partnership, O&N members receive discounts on select HRI services.) HRI Labs’ suite of pesticide residue tests support O&N member companies in their pursuit to manage supply chain integrity. O&N’s annual testing program began in 2017 with member companies committing to test their raw ingredients and finished products for glyphosate.

About HRI Labs
Worldwide, the public, independent scientists, innovative businesses and policy leaders are calling for healthy, environmentally sensitive and humanely produced foods, foods free from environmental contaminants, agrochemical residues, adulterants and additives, and for cleaner air, water and soil. In service to these goals, the Health Research Institute (HRI) carries out scientific research and applies advanced analytical tools to help detect and quantify substances present in food, water, soil and even the human body. HRI provides tools for characterizing both constituents that are more nourishing, nutritious and health-promoting and those that may be harmful to health and the environment. Authoritative laboratory testing is a powerful tool that has been used to detect and quantify the presence of pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and other substances. Testing is also increasingly used to evaluate the contribution of regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices to improved nutritional value of crops and even delivery of higher nutrition to the consumer.


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