The Organic & Natural Health Association is enlisting the power of consumers and corporate citizens to advance health care and support a resilient world through advocacy, education and research.
Only through the wise stewardship of our natural resources – such as regenerative agriculture practices and the humane sourcing of dairy and meats– combined with the establishment of accountability and quality standards for sourcing, manufacturing, processing and distribution of foods, dietary supplements, and personal care products, will we ensure access to health and well-being for future generations.
O&N recognizes that quality foods and quality supplements are inextricably linked. What you can’t get from foods you must get from supplementation; and supplements must be derived from the best food sources and production practices available. That’s why we’re actively engaging the entire supply chain as well as nonprofits who are working to redefine food production practices and public policy to champion regenerative farming and progressive manufacturing practices.
True and lasting change in the marketplace will result when ethical companies and committed consumer organizations come together in trust and collaboration, and not from relying on federal legislation, over-reaching regulations or courtroom battles. That’s why our membership consists of consumer and business organizations. And that’s why every decision we make puts the benefit of consumers first.
O&N and our members are leading that change by championing research that demonstrates the effectiveness of healthy food, ingredients, and supplements so that consumers have confidence in the products they use while quality companies can flourish in the marketplace. Through education and advocacy, we are informing and supporting consumer access and demand for high-quality products while supporting the success of our corporate members across the entire supply chain who commit to the highest standards of excellence in every action and communication.
 Our Accomplishments

In just a few short years:

  • O&N’s federal and state advocacy work has been forthright, bold and industry leading.
  • Our Nutrient Power™ initiative, which combines nutrient field studies and consumer education campaigns to advance research, improve the standard of care, and help U.S. consumers understand and address common nutrient deficiencies, garnered over 35 million media impressions in its first year.
  • Our members throughout the supply chain, having embraced O&N’s transparency, traceability and CQI tenets and pledged their commitment to quality testing and GMPs, are transforming business practices.
  • Our Scientific Advisory Council is playing an integrating role across our education, advocacy and research platforms, delivering the messages and good works of O&N and our members far and wide.

Organic & Natural Health is building a membership that supports our shared vision of a dynamic, sustainable world. Large and small, supplier and manufacturer, producer and grower, retailer and distributor, nonprofit and academia – we are all consumers and we all have a vital role to play.

If you are inspired to engage in this conversation with us, we invite you to apply to join the Organic & Natural Health Association.

Karen E. Howard