keh headshotThe Organic & Natural Health Association, created to enlist the power of consumers and corporate citizens in the work required to build a sustainable and resilient environment, is committed to effecting change through partnership. Only through the wise stewardship of our natural resources, humane sourcing of dairy and meats, and establishing accountability in the sourcing, process and distribution practices of manufacturing will we ensure access to health and well-being for future generations. It is O&N’s position that true change in the marketplace will result from collaboration among ethical companies and committed consumer organizations, not from relying on federal legislation, over-reaching regulations or courtroom battles.

Consumers are speaking with their wallets, purchasing quality goods, services, and food that reflect both their healthcare needs and a desire to protect the Earth. In the tradition of the gold standard of organic, we will begin by defining natural in four areas – food, pet food, dietary supplements and cosmetics – through a transparent, collaborative process. Implementation of a robust compliance program will give credence to our new seal for natural.

In addition, we will champion research that demonstrates the effectiveness of healthy food, ingredients, and supplements so that consumers have confidence in the products they use and quality companies can flourish in the marketplace. Through education and advocacy, we will support consumer demand for honest products and our corporate members who commit to excellence.

We embrace the challenges we face and welcome the input of our colleagues already doing great work in this space, such as those who are championing sustainable farming practices and pioneering manufacturing techniques that minimize environmental degradation. Large and small, supplier and manufacturer, retailer and distributor, nonprofit and academia – we are all consumers and we all have a vital role to play.

O&N is actively engaged in building a board and a membership that supports achieving our vision of a dynamic, sustainable world. We invite all who are equally inspired to engage in this conversation to join the Organic & Natural Health Association.

Karen E. Howard