Thank you for your interest in joining the Organic & Natural Health Association.

Why should I join O&N?

With our uniquely broad and inclusive membership, which includes organic and natural businesses of all sizes, consumer organizations and other nonprofits, the Organic & Natural Health Association is committed to supporting our members’ interest and ensuring their long-term success.

Whether it’s advocating on behalf of individual members or the industry as a whole, setting standards based on our guiding principles, keeping members apprised of important regulatory, legislative, legal and other industry developments, supporting and promoting sound research, or joining with our members to educate and inform consumers, O&N is committed to advancing and growing a robust and thriving natural and organic marketplace.

Your membership in O&N gives you a seat at the table that will set and progress quality standards and create a healthcare paradigm that is rooted in the wellness of the individual, community and environment. Join today.

Who can join O&N?

Membership in O&N is open to organizations that support the mission and principles of O&N including businesses involved in the production, distribution or sale of organic and natural food, products or services as well as consumer and nonprofit organizations.

What are the different categories of membership? What are the annual dues?

O&N has corporate and nonprofit member categories. Corporate member dues are based on annual revenues and nonprofit members pay a nominal annual fee. See membership application for details.

How do I join O&N?

You may join the O&N at any time. Apply online.

What is the membership term?

Memberships are valid for one year from the date you join Organic & Natural.

Is there an individual membership category?

At this time, O&N is accepting organizational memberships only, including associations representing consumers.

Can businesses, consumer organizations and other nonprofits based outside the U.S. join O&N?

We welcome international members.

I’m interested in playing a leadership role in O&N. Who may I contact to discuss this?

The Organic & Natural Health Association welcomes individuals within member organizations to contact us to discuss current leadership opportunities including committee formation and leadership, meeting hosting, webinar presentations, and speakers bureau. Please send your inquiry to

How can I reset my password for the Members Only section of the O&N website?

Visit your User’s Profile Page.

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