It’s a Big Conversation

Far more than being about defining “natural” or defending “organic,” the Organic & Natural Health Association seeks to bring a broad coalition together to work towards preserving and advancing the health and well-being of people, animals and plants, and the planet as a whole.

As represented by the four leaves in our logo, the Organic & Natural Health Association and our members are committed to these guiding principles:

logo-sm-lime2 Sustainability – Reflecting food, farm, and goods production and distribution practices and processes that are restorative to nature, give the utmost consideration to animal welfare, are socially responsible, and demonstrate our commitment to a resilient environment by altering the current resource consumption paradigm.
logo-sm-green2 Transparency – Reflecting the strength in creating honest relationships between consumers and corporations and our commitment to instill business and marketing practices that value disclosure and unambiguous knowledge as well as empower and inform consumer purchasing.
logo-sm-orange2 Accessibility – Reflecting the need to enable broader consumer access to organic and natural food, products and services as part of our commitment to the health and wellness of all individuals, communities and cultures.
logo-sm-blue2 Traceability – Reflecting an ongoing and consistent practice of holding suppliers, manufacturers and distributors accountable for a clearly defined, quality-controlled production process based on our commitment to ensure products are accurately labeled, undergo appropriate testing and reflect consumers’ desire for wholesome goods and services.