The Organic & Natural Health Association (O&N) was formed to protect companies and industries doing the right thing, to help consumers seeking organic and natural products and services, and to enact O&N’s guiding principles for the sake of all people and cultures and the Earth.

O&N is dedicated to creating and promoting transparent business practices that safeguard access to organic and natural food, products and services. O&N will accomplish this by supporting the development of rational standards for claims substantiation, promoting the communication of truthful and non-misleading information, and encouraging research in the natural products industry.

Sustainability, transparency, accessibility and traceability. Learn more here.

O&N is seeking Board representation that will reflect the scope and depth of our endeavor and support our mission and vision. If you are interested in serving on the O&N Board, please contact Karen Howard at

O&N will be seeking individual and organizational expertise to serve on an advisory council in order to advance our mission and vision. This expertise will take many forms and the makeup of the council will likely include nationally recognized experts and organizations representing market segments, the research community, and other unique specifications the Board requires.

The association will develop white papers, seek funding for collaborative research initiatives, and promote select quality research by academia, nonprofits and industry members.

Businesses, consumer organizations and other nonprofits with a demonstrated commitment to O&N’s Guiding Principles.

Consumer organizations will be accorded the same membership privileges as corporations, one member – one vote. As we create our process and definitional work, our consumer groups will be asked to share information with their membership and provide input to the process. We anticipate our nonprofit members will play a key role in education and dissemination of our collaborative efforts.

Consumers will be kept abreast of O&N’s initiatives and activities and will be able to provide feedback to O&N through our consumer organization members as well as through our website and social media channels, through their participation in our free and interactive webinars, and more.

Not at this time. Individuals are welcome to subscribe to our RSS feed and our email list.

The best choices are those that nourish both humanity and the Earth. To that end, organic and our emerging definition of natural will represent the best manufacturing, processing and quality standards we can organize to create a sustainable and resilient environment and sustain and improve the health and vitality of people, plants and animals.

The O&N Board of Directors commissioned a consumer research survey in January 2015.  The results of that data were conclusive.  Consumers believe that the key attributes of organic apply to natural, despite the fact there is no government standard for natural.  After eighteen months of diligent evaluation, O&N concluded that any natural standard must surpass the existing organic criteria.  Moving forward, O&N will collaborate with IFOAM International Organics to advocate for “Organic 3.0,” and bring organics out of its current niche and into the mainstream.  

Dietary supplements play a vital role in supporting health status.  Current agriculture practices and the depletion of our soil have resulted in alarming nutrient deficiencies across all age categories, placing consumers at increased risk for chronic disease.  O&N considers dietary supplements essential given our current paradigm, and will work to ensure continued adherence to the most stringent quality and accountability standards.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not natural. Proponents and opponents will continue to argue the merits of research on the environmental impact of using increasingly virulent pesticides brought about by GMOs and about state and municipality rights to impose disclosure laws. Regardless, the definition of natural as Organic 3.0 will not permit the inclusion of GMOs in any foods or products.

Yes. O&N values inclusion and transparency and we believe it is beneficial to our mission and vision to engage in dialogue and collaborate with stakeholders who are equally committed to our values. O&N is very aware that many individuals and organizations have invested heavily in the creation and adoption of many organic and natural certifications, including, for instance, standards for food safety, good manufacturing processes (GMPs), and of course organic, non-GMO and grass-fed (to name just a few).